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WOW—You’ve found it!  After many weeks, days and hours of looking – on line, at open houses, touring with your Realtor – you have found your dream home. Getting a quality home inspector to assist you with probably your largest investment is not an easy process. What should you expect from a home inspection? There is a big difference in what different home inspectors offer.  You need a home inspection done right, done once. Let me be the first to congratulate you on finding your new home. Now it's time to make sure the home you've chosen is safe for you and your family and what you expect it to be!  Call me and I will answer your questions.

I'd like to personally "Thank You" for considering my company to help protect you from buying the money pit! There are a lot of home inspection companies in the RDU area (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) varying in price and delivery systems and you may ask yourself: "Why Choose Carolina Home Inspections?"  The benefits provided by me are unmatched in the area.  You can always find someone who will do a cheap inspection but if you need a quality inspection just give me a call and you'll discover why Carolina Home Inspections is the best.

Home inspections typically take 2-4 hours depending on the size, age and complexity of the home.  I invite you to accompany me on your inspection call me and we will work out a plan that fits your needs

We can help with a variety of services and inspections: Home Inspections; Commercial Inspections; Environmental Inspections (radon, mold etc.); Energy consumption/audits (utilizing Thermographic photography); Forensic or Diagnostic analysis of any building,

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